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What is iCaucus? Part II – the Endorsed Candidates

Independence Caucus wants to send vetted constitutional candidates to DC or Lansing and to unseat special interests beholden to big contributors. In Part II of this blog, I identify the candidates who have gone through intensive vetting to be endorsed so far by iCaucus. These people deserve everyone’s help!

Based on iCaucus voting so far, here are Michigan candidates who have the endorsement:

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What is iCaucus and Why Should I Care?

Never heard of iCaucus? The ultimate goal of Independence Caucus is to send vetted constitutional candidates to DC or Lansing and to unseat incumbents that are beholden to unions, lobbyists, and big money special interest groups. If you are concerned about what Washington DC is doing as I am, look for the Independence Caucus emblem and be sure to help these people! Continue reading

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When Should We Produce Personal Identification?

Geez – many would say we have bigger things to worry about! But Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) say the risk is so great that they have introduced bi-partisan legislation requiring consumers to produce identification before buying prepaid cell phones. While our country goes bankrupt and the southern States struggle with securing their borders, our U.S. Senators are spending their time drafting and pushing worthless laws that only restrict your freedoms and do nothing to reduce crime or terrorism. Continue reading

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Is There Now a Culture of Intimidation in America?

May 2010 was a month in which “The “Chicago Way” of doing business rose to new heights, indeed. But is this the kind of America you want to live in? Letting a “culture of intimidation” develop unchallenged will have a chilling effect on you, your family, your business and your friends. Continue reading

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