What is iCaucus and Why Should I Care?

Logo of the iCaucus organization

I’ve never been “politically active” before last year’s debate on national health care.  And from what I’ve read, there are many more – – perhaps millions of people – –  just like me who feel our elected officials are no longer listening to us. 

It seems like the White House and their friends in Congress had an agenda they hid from us until they had the numbers and the power to implement it.  Once they controlled both houses of Congress, it was “anything goes” to get the laws passed.  Efforts in the past to build support or work in a bi-partisan manner were thrown out once they had the votes or could manipulate the legislative process to get what they want.  Forget “reaching across the aisle” unless it is done to slap someone who got out of line.  Now that we know their agenda, we can either accept it or do something about it.

While I live a very busy life, I felt I could not stand back and let things continue to move in the wrong direction.  I started writing letters to my U.S. Senators from Michigan, and at first got no response from Debbie Stabenow or Carl Levin.  Then I began to write to the newspaper editorial sections about the lack of response.  Soon after, I began to receive letters in reply.  But their replies didn’t address my concerns – – they only restated the Obama Administration position on each issue, ranging from health care, to cap and trade, the environment and overspending.   That’s when I came across iCaucus and learned what they do to help me and millions of others who just want a voice in what happens in Washington, DC. 

The Independence Caucus, known as iCaucus, is not an independent party but is an independent voice.  It is a national, non-partisan, non-profit organization (www.icaucus.org) seeking candidates that are willing to go through a rigorous vetting process to gauge their thinking against several common sense and constitutional values and principles.  Those candidates completing the 80 questions with a minimum score of 70 % then go through a grueling interview.   

The interviews with each candidate are taped and then presented to the Michigan members (today there are at least 1000 +).  The members listen to the interviews and vote on a candidate based on his or her questionnaire score and interview.  I realized that iCaucus was doing what I would have loved to do myself if I had the time to ask the candidates my questions on their views!

The ultimate goal of IC is to send vetted constitutional candidates to DC or Lansing and to unseat incumbents that are beholden to unions, lobbyists, and big money special interest groups.  The first ever endorsed candidate is Jason Chaffetz from Utah, now making a name for himself in DC.  If you are concerned like I am, please look for the Independence Caucus emblem and be sure to help these people by providing financial support and campaign assistance in various ways.  Thank you.

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4 Responses to What is iCaucus and Why Should I Care?

  1. Erika says:

    I am sure there will a lot of people out there happy to learn about Icaucus. Folks often ask what can I do to help, I tell them about Icaucus and what a difference we can make. Thanks for posting this.

  2. Darlene Littlejohn says:

    If you are not familiar with iCaucus, please check it out. If you join, I am there by my real name, so send me a message.

    If you want to put a stop to what is happening in D.C. but don’t know who to vote for, this is a great place to check out the candidates who will not give you more of the same.

  3. blog4joet says:

    ICAUCUS has a vetting process that we can trust. ICAUCUS has given me the tools to make a difference outside of just my voting district. Most people don’t have time to find out who are the genuine conservatives so I trust the ICAUCUS detailed research and questionnaires with a vote.

  4. Tina says:

    We use Icaucus. It is a wonderful plan for vetting candidates. I like to joke that by the time we’re done with an interview we know the candidates shoe size. I never would have thought that in so many races I know exactly who is the best most constitutional and most conservative candidate for the position. When it gets hard is when there are more than one really good one. In years past I’m sure this would not have been an issue but so many good patriots are coming out to serve their country it’s actually happening. It’s a great problem to have.

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