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Dude, where did my Congressman go?

Where it comes to politics, sometimes the level of noise is too great.  But sometimes it is just TOO quiet.  It seems the only time I hear from Congressman Mike Rogers (MI-08) is when he is running for re-election.  So I’m … Continue reading

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What other horrible things must happen? Now a 12 year old girl has to suffer …

You probably didn’t read anything about this in your MSM newspaper. Thugs working for Mexican drug cartels kidnapped the 12-year-old daughter of a ranch foreman in New Mexico, holding the girl for ransom until her family and neighbors came up with $80,000 for her release. Can you imagine her terror? If you were her father, wouldn’t you do everything in your power to put people in Washington, DC who want to secure the southern border and protect our citizens? Continue reading

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What is happening to Truth and Justice in the United States?

Just a suggestion – – – let’s return government to its original purpose. The U.S. Justice Department, which was not even created until June 1870 or almost 100 years after the birth of the country, has become a monster. It is going after the very things we hold most dear and trying to crush true patriots. Continue reading

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Is the U.S. correct to sue Arizona over immigration law?

A noted constitution scholar says the Arizona immigration enforcement law is neither an immigration law nor racist. And it’s not usurping the role of the federal government … it’s an employment law and property law. That authority arises from Arizona’s police power to make laws for public safety, health, and societal welfare—which the Constitution reserves to the states through the Tenth Amendment.

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Federal Government Failing More than Just Arizona

According to the Oakland Press on July 2nd, a 20-year old female driver was cited for having expired license plates, no registration, an obstructed view, and no driver’s license. Neither she nor her 50-year old mother had identification, and both were in the United States illegally. For some reason, this didn’t matter to officials of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office contacted by Oakland County (Michigan) deputies. Continue reading

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