Open Letter to my U.S. Senator 4/3/17

Dear Senator Stabenow,

Please vote to confirm Judge Gorsuch for the Supreme Court.

As you know, he was earlier voted onto the Appeals Court with 100% of the Senators voting “yes”, and since then has not done anything to disqualify him.  He is a terrific candidate, and just because you or the Senator from New York disagree on some of his rulings does not disqualify him.

My fear is that, if Democrats sink this candidate, the next one will be someone that very few will want to support.  Not supporting moderates like Gorsuch will only cause ideologues to step in for the next (many) nominations.  Previous Democrat-led Senate leaders have shown the current Senate leadership that long-running “rules don’t matter” when a favorite nominee is wanted, and unfortunately the current leadership may in turn (if Gorsuch fails) adopt tactics used by Harry Reid to put through controversial appointments.  Our country needs you to fight when important questions are on the table – – not just to play a partisan role.  I would hope you will be the adult in the room and not reject Gorsuch for the minor reasons being put forward.

Thank you.

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One Response to Open Letter to my U.S. Senator 4/3/17

  1. Jill Beck says:

    Good idea, will send one myself.


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