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Why should you care if the government can store your phone records and email?

Are you bothered by the recent news about the incredible level of snooping being done by the U.S. Government?  What exactly is the problem? “The NSA has built an infrastructure that allows it to intercept almost everything. If I wanted … Continue reading

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The REAL Fiscal Cliff: We Just Went Over in a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow

Tuesday’s Presidential election was merely a choice of who is going to captain the sinking Titanic. Congress and the President failed to reign in their spending and now we have passed the most important spending limit. This is not a political problem, it’s a mathematical one. Facts are facts, no matter how uncomfortable they may be. Continue reading

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Should Michigan Re-Elect Fred Upton?

Don’t Tell the NRA, but Fred Upton is Anti-Gun | RedState

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