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TSA Abuses: Open Letter to My Congressman and Senators

As they say, if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. I want to be part of the solution and I expect you as my Representative to stand up and ensure that my rights and those of my family are protected. I ask that you uphold your oath of office and preserve and defend the Constitution of the United States. Thank you.
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Why did Freddie Mac buy my mortgage?

Freddie Mac will have to take a loss on my loan to securitize it and sell it to an investor along with a batch of similar loans. This means that taxpayers — that means you and me – – – will need to kick in even more tax money to “save” Freddie from itself. Continue reading

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Why Don’t People Go to Jail for Election Fraud?

Why don’t I see the kind of outrage I feel regarding incidents of election fraud? If we don’t at least ensure our elections are fair – – regardless of their political result — our country will become another Venezuela quickly. Continue reading

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