What is iCaucus? Part II – the Endorsed Candidates


In Part I of my blog about a group called iCaucus (www.icaucus.com), I wrote about never having been personally “politically active” before last year’s debate on national health care.  I believe there are perhaps millions of people just like me who feel our elected officials have hijacked the political process and no longer listen to us.

The ultimate goal of Independence Caucus is to send vetted constitutional candidates to DC or Lansing and to unseat incumbents that are beholden to unions, lobbyists, and big money special interest groups. As I indicated in Part I, candidates endorsed by iCaucus go through a rigorous process of answering 80 written questions, participating in a taped interview, and being voted on my hundreds of iCaucus volunteers across Michigan.

Based on iCaucus voting so far, here are Michigan candidates who have the endorsement:

Election for U.S. Congress, representing Michigan:

Tom Stillings, from the 1st congressional district to take Stupak’s seat. Tom is from Torch Lake. http://www.stillings2010.com
 Congressional District 2: Bill Cooper, R Spring Lake is expecting to replace Pete Hoekstra who is running for Michigan Governor http://www.billcooper4wmi.com/
 Congressional District 3, Justin Amash, R Cascade Township http://amashforcongress.com/
Rocky Raczkowski from the 9th US congressional district, who will replace Democrat and Barack Obama favorite Gary Peters (Democrat, U.S. Representative, 9th Congressional District) with everyone’s help. According to an iCaucus leader, Paul Welday who is also from the 9th district was not able to achieve the required minimum 70%, compared to Raczkowski who had 96% on his questionnaire alone and beat Welday on the interview 2 to 1. http://www.rockyworksforus.com/
 Some other candidates are still being vetted from all over Michigan.

In the elections for State Senate and State Representatives:
Gene Taliercio from the 12th MI Senate district in Rochester Hills, is running to replace term-limited Mike Bishop. Taliercio was the only one brave enough in his race against Copper Rizzo, Jim Marleau, John Garfield, and Kim Russell to go through the iCaucus vetting. According to an iCaucus leader, both Rizzo and Marleau were invited to participate several times, but they declined. Gene passed his questions and interview with high scores. http://geneformichigan.com/
 State Senate District 30 Brett VanderKamp, R Holland http://brettvanderkamp.com/
 State Senate District 31 Robert Palmer, R Bay City http://www.palmer4senate.com/
 State House District 62 Steven Mobley, R Athens http://www.stevenlmobley.com/
 State House District 72 Eric Larson, R Cascade Township http://www.ericlarson2010.com/
 State House District 74 Dave Agema, R Grandville http://www.daveagema.com/
 State House District 91 Ken Punter, R Ravenna http://votepunter.com/

Please look for the Independence Caucus emblem and be sure to help these people by providing financial support and campaign assistance in various ways.

Trusted emblem of the Independence Caucus

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