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Will You Have to Pay a $200,000 Stealth Tax?

What is a “stealth tax”? I use this term to describe any cost incurred by a taxpayer because of stupid government policies. Unlike a direct tax such as the tax on our income, a stealth tax isn’t visible on the … Continue reading

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Should the Goal be “No Labels” or “No Fables”?

I’m constantly surprised by the ways people can get sucked into things that sound good on the surface but have no real substance.

But do good intentions help to solve real problems? What beliefs and values do these people and organizations subscribe to in order to guide their thinking, if anything? Do they have positions on anything, or are they just wanting to “go with the flow” espoused by their leaders?

Personally, I just want people, politicians and special interest groups to give me the truth – – no fables or half-truths – – and then we can have an intelligent conversation about we need to do to fix something and move the country forward. Until we quit shouting at one another and deal with the brutal facts we are facing, we will never fix what ails us in America.
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