Dude, where did my Congressman go?

Where it comes to politics, sometimes the level of noise is too great.  But sometimes it is just TOO quiet.  It seems the only time I hear from Congressman Mike Rogers (MI-08) is when he is running for re-election.  So I’m guessing his campaign staff will start pumpin’ out emal blasts beginning in September.

In the mean time, Rep. Rogers, I would sure like to hear you speak out about some of the things I have been calling you about:

  1. TSA Electronic Strip Searches – for a Republican, you sure have been silent about one of the biggest violations to the 4th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  As a former FBI agent, why aren’t you speaking out about us having to walk “naked” through a machine just to exercise our right to travel?  You must see the studies showing this is ineffective and potentially dangerous, and that TSA hasn’t caught a single terrorist in 10 years.
  2. Federal Spending – if you were paid $80,000 per year but spent $128,000 every year (while charging the difference of $48,000 per year on your MasterCard), how long would your household be able to operate that way?  Not very long.  But that is what the US Government is doing each year.  It spends $3.2 trillion while collecting $2 trillion in taxes, borrowing over 40% of what is spends!  Does that make sense to you?  It seems to me like a recipe for disaster.  Since you are in the US House of Representatives, and therefore control the US “purse strings”, where is your bill to reign in spending?
  3. Circumventing Congress – we have three equal branches of government, but one thinks it is “more equal” than the others.  Guess which one?  Let me give you some clues:
    • A certain President claimed to have made “recess appointments” of a couple of radical socialists to Cabinet-level jobs during a time the Congress was not in recess.  During that same time period, Congress passed some legislation.  So either the appointments are not legitimate, or the legislation isn’t legitimate.  Do you care about this?  I’ve not heard a peep from you …
    • A certain President decided, with the help of his Secretary for Homeland Security, to ignore Federal immigration law and issue a Presidential Order to implement his own version of the defeated “DREAM Act”.  While I again called your office asking that you stand up to this blatant circumvention of the Constitution, I’ve not heard any public statements questioning this behavior.
    • Last December 31st, Congress passed and the President signed legislation that includes provisions allowing the US Army and government to detain US citizens in the US who are “suspected” of terrorist activity.  Citizens can now be held without charges and without due process simply because those in authority believe they are a threat.
    • A 2012 Presidential Order gives the Executive branch sweeping power to run US transportation, food production and distribution, energy, and many other areas in case of “emergency”.  If Congress doesn’t overturn this, you can say goodbye to liberty.

  Without having any idea where my elected representative stands on so many critical areas, I have to ask, “Where did my Congressman go, dude?”.  I’m sure I’ll be hearing in September that he was successfully serving on this committee or that, or perhaps co-sponsored some lame bill to keep flags from being burned.  But on issues of the U.S. Constitution and circumvention of Congressional authority, I think the whole Congress will wake up in the near future only to find that some declared “emergency” has “temporarily” put all the power in the hands of the President and Executive branch to “properly address” the situation.  Congress will be lucky if the Prez keeps them on the payroll!

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