What can YOU do?

What Can You Do?

So many of our friends, neighbors and relatives are still asleep and have little idea what is coming.  Few understand the implications of continually printing money with no real backing and aren’t aware of the resulting devaluation it causes.  If you have ever asked yourself, “What can I do to wake people up?”, please continue reading and you will have the answer.  You will be empowered to help others, which in turn will help you develop new, lasting relationships.

In this regard, I recently hosted an event in Independence Township, Michigan which I named, “The Road to Independence”.  The purpose of writing this blog is to share the experience and let you know how easy it is to arrange such a forum in your area.

My April 21st event featured Chris Duane, the Silver Shield, as our guest speaker.  I was delighted to have over thirty people participate.  The group was diverse; attendees included a 14 year-old boy, a physician, a few business owners, a researcher, a teacher, a retired couple, a parking valet, and others.  One thing was common among them though:  they all came to hear what steps they should be taking to prepare themselves for the quickly approaching economic and social change tidal wave.  The meeting ran over two hours, and I had trouble ending the session because they all had so many great questions and comments to make.  So, how was I able to do something like this to help so many others?

It started one morning when I realized I had to do something to share the knowledge I had acquired over the last year or so from reading books and visiting sites including The Sons of Liberty Academy.  I thought the best way to reach out would be to host a meeting and try to attract everyday people in my community.  There are many people who have a sense that something is wrong, but either can’t figure it out themselves or don’t have time to do their own research.  I wanted to provide a forum to discuss the issues.

First, I needed a “theme” and someone to be the discussion leader.  While I did not know Chris personally, I followed his work and decided to ask if he would be interested in presenting.  To my surprise, he was able to fit this into his crowded schedule.  Once I had a speaker and a date (about 6 weeks in the future), I had to find a place to have the meeting and a way to get people to attend.

I settled on having the session at a local country club, primarily because they had the space and could also serve coffee and some light food.  It turned out to be a great choice, except that they really wanted us to end our meeting on time so they could set up for a wedding party that evening!

The next step was to talk with friends to see who might want to help with the publicity and other details.  I decided to advertise the meeting in a few ways:  by posting the event on my neighborhood Facebook page and my personal blog, and by printing up 300 flyers for distribution.  The one-page flyers described the event’s purpose, location, time, etc., and asked people to register via email to get their free ticket.  The flyers were handed out as follows:  (1) my immediate neighborhood; (2) the next neighborhood over; (3) the neighborhood around the country club; and we provided handouts to a local coin shop.  As March turned into April and the response rate was less than I wanted, I let people know they would receive a small gift if they registered a friend.  At that point Chris offered to post the meeting on his site for a few days.  This significantly picked up the number of planned attendees across Michigan.

The day before the event, I sent a reminder email to those who had registered.  On April 21st, my wife and I arrived early to check the arrangements and begin checking people in.  The room was very full.  The questions for Chris started even before noon, our “official” start time.  People were fully engaged in the discussion.  When it was over, eight of the 30+ attendees wanted to get together for a second meeting, which is now being planned for the summer.

All in all, I felt great that I had helped to bring people together for a chance to network with others, discuss their concerns, and find answers to many of their questions.  If this leads to additional meetings, I will have succeeded beyond my goal.   Based on my experience, I hope that you will consider doing something like this in your area.

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One Response to What can YOU do?

  1. Jill M. Beck says:

    I am SO glad your meeting went well. I personally couldn’t make it, but would like to be informed of the date of the second meeting. I have felt, too, that something ominous was on the horizon; and knowledge of what steps to take to lessen the negative impact is the best way to deal with our financial futures. Your great idea has made an impact in 30+ lives this year. Keep up the good work!


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