Community Discussion Forum: Protection Against the Declining Dollar

What is happening with our economy and our federal government?
The facts are readily available.  No attempt is being made to reign in excessive federal spending – – which now totals $1.5 Trillion more annually than total revenues and taxes.  Further, the evidence is all around us that the value of the dollar has been in decline, and buys less and less goods and services with every passing year.  The cause of the decline appears to be the separation of the dollar from any real basis of value — gold — way back in 1973.   Since then, the value has declined over 80%.
Few people understand that they can take actions to protect themselves and their family.  It about time we get the word out to anyone who wants to listen.
In this regard, I just came back from the Oakhurst Golf & Country Club and reserved the “Board Room” for a forum on this topic.  I’ve invited a guest speaker who knows what he is talking about.  Here are the details:
Theme:  The Road to Independence
Date:  Saturday, April 21st
Time:  Noon to 2:00 p.m.
Available Seats for Guests:  30
Coffee, soft drinks and snacks provided.
Oakhurst Golf & Country Club
The Board Room
7000 Oakhurst Lane Clarkston,MI 48348 248-391-3300
Speaker:  Chris Duane, blogger, author and former Marine Corps member
The forum is free, but a ticket is required to attend.  No sales pitches will be made.  This is a presentation and discussion opportunity.  If you have an interest, leave me information about how to contact you.  Of the 30 seats, I have 24 left as of today.
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