Oakland County Ballot


Across Michigan and within Oakland County where I live, voters have a number of excellent candidates they can (and should) vote for to help us derail this government drunk on excessive spending, racking up huge debts, and continuing policies that nurture a jobless economy.  Those names in bold are the ballot in my district and I support them whole-heartedly!

Please print this and take it to the polls on November 2nd:

Governor: Rick Snyder
Lt. Governor: Brian Calley
Secretary of State: Ruth Johnson
Attorney General: Bill Schuette


 8th: Mike Rogers
9th: Rocky Raczkowski
11th: Thaddeus McCotter
12th: Don Volaric

Michigan State Senate

12th: Jim Marleau
13th: John Pappageorge
14th: Michael Peters
15th: Mike Kowall
26th: Dave Robertson

Michigan House of Representatives

26th: Ken Rosen
27th: Michelangelo Fortuna
29th: Bret Allen
35th: Michael Weinenger
37th: Christopher Atallah
38th: Hugh Crawford
39th: Lois Shulman
40th: Chuck Moss
41st: Marty Knollenberg
43rd: Gail Haines
44th: Eileen Kowall
45th: Tom McMillin
46th: Brad Jacobsen
66th: Bill Rogers

State Board of Education

Eileen Weiser
Richard Zeile

Regent of the University of Michigan

Andrea Fischer Newman
Andrew Richner

Trustee of Michigan State University

Brian Breslin
Mitch Lyons

Governor of Wayne State University

Diane Dunaskiss
Danialle Karmanos

Oakland County Board of Commissioners

1st: Beth Nuccio
2nd: Bill Bullard
3rd: Mike Gingell
4th: Tom Middleton
5th: John Scott
6th: Jim Runestad
7th: Christine Long
8th: Philip Weipert
9th: Kathy Crawford
10th: Stuart Foster
11th: Bob Kittle
12th: Jeff Matis
13th: Robert Gosselin
14th: Bill Dwyer
15th: Al Zaparackas
16th: Shelley Goodman Taub
17th: Anne Marie Blake
18th: Mark Ellis
19th: Mike Bosnic
20th: David Potts
21st: Mordechai Klainberg
22nd: Ezra Drissman
23rd: Charles Ehrenreich
24th: Antoine Delaforterie
25th: Richard Parisi

*Non-Partisan Ballot*

Supreme Court

Mary Beth Kelly
Bob Young

Probate Court

Kathleen Ryan

48th District Court

Marc Barron

52nd District Court
Michael Martone

Oakland Community College Board

Fred Mester
Thomas Kuhn
Olga Meyer
Dan Kelly
Debbie Macon

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