Whom I Support in the Primary Elections!

Now that we are about 10 days out from the August 3rd primary election, we all need to make personal decisions as to whom we will vote for and support.  After much consideration, here is who I support as a resident in Independence Township, Michigan:

U.S. Congress, Representing District 8: Mike Rogers

Michigan Governor:  Michael Bouchard

Michigan Secretary of State: Ruth Johnson

Michigan Attorney General:  Bill Schuette

Michigan Senate, District 12:  Gene Taliercio (also endorsed by iCaucus)

Michigan House, Representing District 44:  Eileen Kowall

Oakland County Commission, District 4: Tom Middleton

MSU Trustees:  Mitch Lyons, Brian Breslin

Charter Township of Independence Police Millage (renew 2.0547 mills for four years):  Yes

Independence Library Millage (renew 0.691 mills for four years):  Yes

Oakland Community College Millage Renewal (not to exceed 0.7811 for ten years): Yes

Where do you stand?

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