Federal Government Failing More than Just Arizona

What is wrong with this picture?  Why does the U.S. Government continue to drop the ball and not perform the duties prescribed by law?

According to the Oakland Press on July 2nd, a 20-year old female driver was cited for having expired license plates, no registration, an obstructed view, and no driver’s license.  Neither she nor her 50-year old mother had identification, and both were in the United States illegally.  For some reason, this didn’t matter to officials of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office contacted by Oakland County (Michigan) deputies. 

Joette Kunse of the Oakland Press reported that ICE informed deputies that the women “did not meet criteria for deportation”, and advised them to “call another office”.  After getting no responses from the U.S. Government, deputies released the women and impounded their vehicle.  Just what “criteria” is used by ICE?  What do they need in addition to evidence a person is here illegally and breaking our laws?  Let me be sure I understand this situation — we have a 20-year old woman without identification or a license to drive license being stopped for driving a vehicle that is unregistered, and she is not deported?

Beyond the fact that our laws were broken, why isn’t the cost of illegal immigration also being considered by our elected officials?  This person could have injured or killed someone with her car.  Or she could have been responsible for damaging the property of others with impunity.  Who would pay for the care of her victims or compensate the families impacted by the woman’s careless behavior?   The people of Oakland County and Michigan including those responsible drivers who purchase insurance would be left holding the bag because of her irresponsible conduct.  If the woman has children living with her, who do you think is paying for their education?  How about the cost of their health care?  Has someone’s identity been stolen so the woman and her family can be employed, or receive financial support from the government?

Clearly Arizona is not the only state in America under assault by the growing problem of failure to enforce immigration statutes.  If the U.S. agency responsible for enforcing immigration law will not react appropriately when presented with an illegal alien caught breaking the law, then our whole immigration system has collapsed.  We need to hold our elected officials responsible on November 2nd.   Are we a nation of laws or not?

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4 Responses to Federal Government Failing More than Just Arizona

  1. Erika says:

    excellent reporting. I didn’t know about this. People need to know this, and we need to find where the problem lies in this system. someone on top is getting paid off.

  2. Darlene Littlejohn says:

    “Are we a nation of laws or not?” – MAYBE NOT!
    Welcome to Maywood, Mexico (http://www.humanevents.com/article.php?id=37671) by Roger Hedgecock (6/25/10) posted in Human Events.
    “Aguirre and a new majority of the council dismantled the Traffic Department. Illegals were given overnight-parking permits and impounds stopped. You didn’t need a license to drive in Maywood. The Los Angeles Times wrote glowingly of this “progress” in a story entitled ‘Welcome to Maywood, Where Roads Open Up For Immigrants’.”

  3. Suzy Q says:

    I fear for our future. If law enforcement has its hands tied by highter-ups, there is not reason for them to exist, is there? Is everyone so politically correct that they are afraid to put in jail someone who clearly broke the law?? You’re right–she would not have been able to pay for any misdeeds that may have happened, and we would have been stuck with the bill (maybe that is why no-fault insurance is a reality). If we can only enforce the laws we already have…

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